is a place for creation, communication and circulation of the artistic thing.
Adhering to the idea that the definition of the artistic thing is to be dealt each time with the public, the international group of artists working at [DAS ATELIER] open its doors through activities, exhibitions and printed material.

moves  through various places across the city. Currently it's located at Wackenbergstraße 65 in Berlin Niederschönhausen.



- Il lavoro artistico

Quarterly journal containing images and texts of activities related to the atelier and its practitioners.




"All is fine now yes            "
Group show with Dana Engfer, Salam Ahmad, Beatrice Hediger.
June 20 - 30, 2020

"Was ist schön bitte schön"
Collective show with Benjamin Bernt, Jonas Johannes and people from the neighborhood and artists invited to contribute with an object to the definition of beauty.
June 17-29 2017.

"All is fine now yes but I miss you a lot"
Groupshow, artists reacting to the title with a work. With Beatrice Hediger, Dana Engfer, Salam Ahmad.
March 11 - 30, 2017

"Something about the presence of the invisible"
with Jeremy Hutchison and Christian Schiebe.
Mai 01 - 21, 2017

"Sanfte Wende"
With Katrin Heister, Silke Kästner.
Mai 2 - 20, 2009

"Bei uns ist es schön"
With Katrin Heister, Silke Kästner.
15-30 June 2009



"Dearest Videos"
Groups show with Selene States, Patrycja German, Mina Minov, Jonas Schmitt.
at Podroom Gallery Belgrad.
MAR 2017

"Commerce by artist"
Open exhibition inside the exhibition, artists are invited to contribute with one works testimony of the processual character of art creation.
APR 23- MAI 06, 2016

" Basically"
Groupshow with Daniela Baldelli, Marcus Lichti, Jonas Schmitt, Thomas Geiger. Kunstraum L6 Freiburg.
APR 23- MAI 06, 2016

"Quasi invisibile"
Group intervention with Ellen, Patrycja German, Karsten Födinger, Peng Sun, Katrin Heister.
At the Main Train Station in Freiburg.
MAI 2004