‘all is fine now yes ‘

"All is fine now yes            "
Dana Engfer, Salam Ahmad, Beatrice Hediger
Antoanetta Marinov, bdpublishing
June 20–June 30, Berlin

All is fine now yes… For the latest iteration of this group exhibition, the second part of the title has been struck out. No buts. No looking back.

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The title for this show emerged out of processing changes in my life. Difficult decisions require a sacrifice. Emancipation, breaking free, always leaves something behind. When the future is undefined it seems easier to look at the past. We turn away from the glare of the unknown. This title asks, can we move forward if we are facing backwards?

Three artists responded to this title with their own unique positions. Here I present these works again for a second time, four years later, where a world in crisis-mode grapples with looking forward and imagining the future.

Hosted in my own private space, this exhibition becomes even more personal. I will also be showing an artisitc response to this concept and will present my latest artist book project, in collaboration with bd publishing, that dwells on similar notions of letting go.

Please send me a message for location details.