Antoanetta Marinov

is an Italian - her father is Bulgarian - concept artist living and working in Berlin. She realizes works of art, she writes and produces artist books, she curates exhibitions, she works as an art educationist and she tells stories.
Antoanetta Marinov originates from Latina. She has studied Literature and Art in Rom (Università di Studi La Sapienza), Reading (Whiteknight University), Freiburg (Universität Albert Ludwig) and Karlsruhe (Akademie der Bildende Künste Karlsruhe).
In Berlin she has studied further as an art educationalist (Aesthetische Paideia held at Alice Salomon Hochschule, Berlin) and story teller (Erzählkunst E.V. Berlin).

Her artwork deals with the question of the excess, excess of production, excess of meaning. She focusses on objects turning into art works in the fleeting moment of contact. Her performances, videos, installations have being shown in international art institutions.

Antoanetta Marinov CV