I go as an artist, as a bride, as a human being to the world. I collect, I assemble, I write.
I connect with other human beings. I listen, I ask, I document.

Selection of works

“A work about the thrill of dealing with pure living beauty.”

Video made by Martino and Antoanetta, his mother. Berlin 2014.

“Sì lo voglio". You left, I stay here and marry this life. As a bride, I go to bars, bookstores, drink coffee, catch subways and buses. Everyday life goes extra-ordinarily. I do as if and people rejoice with me for a moment."

The artist as a bride walks through different cities. Action in urban space and photographic series, since the 2021. In the image: Napoli, 2022. photo: Marco Tanfi.

"If you have a wish, come to me. I'll give you your magic wand."

Installation and action. The artist distributes magic sticks. Since 2008. Table, silver foil, found numbered magic branches.

The artist spreads Magic Sticks to make wishes.
Supported by Frix Fonds.

Contract, 2022.

"I'll take care of the thoughts you don't like. I make them disappear."

Action in public space. The artist gives an object for good thoughts and disposes of an object loaded with unwanted thoughts. In the illustrations, Minden 2015. photo: Paul Olfermann.

"Every fallen leaf is the promise of new germination and return. Come and collect the leaves I have gathered for you."

IInstallation in public space. In autumn, the artist distributes collected, pressed leaves to passers-by. Since 2013. Table, labeled envelopes, collected leaves. Image: Rosa Luxemburg Platz Berlin. Photos: Till Cremer.

“The place says A, I say B”

Excavation in urban space. Karlsruhe 2005.
Minimal intervention in the exhibition space.
Copy of a step and composition. Cement, paint, varnish, treatment of the surface (patina) Basel, 2007.


Collection of individual typewritten projects held in annual volumes.

14,8×21 cm, 90 loose pages in three paper folders, stamped and numbered. Since 2003.

Edition of 30, backbonebooks.



She is a conceptual artist and literary scholar, with curatorial activities. Works as art mediator, storyteller. She is author of artists' books.
She was born in Latina (I), is mother, lives and works in Berlin.
Studio: Wackenbergstrasse. 65, 13156 Berlin
Contact: antomarinov@gmail.com


- Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe
Studied free visual arts and monumental painting with Ernst Caramelle 2001-2002.
Study of fine arts and painting with Leni Hoffmann 2002-2004.
Study of free visual arts and drawing with Silvia Bächli 2004-2006.
Diploma, 2006.
Master student of Silvia Bächli, 2006-2007.
- Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg Studies in German and American Studies, 1997-2000
. Doctoral thesis in American Studies (not completed), 2000-2001.
- Università degli Studi La Sapienza, Rome. Studies in Modern
Foreign Languages and Literatures 1991 - 1998
. MA in literature and linguistics, 1999.
- Whiteknight University, Reading (UK), Degree in English Language and Literature, 1995.


- UDK Berlin, Curating, 2022.
- Erzählkunst E.V., Berlin, "Storytelling," 2017-2020.
- Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences
"Aesthetic Paideia - aesthetic education in preschool," 2015-2016.


- "Magic Wands in Kreuzberg," funded by FrixFonds, 2022.
- "Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday", Berlin, funded by Bezirksamt. Freidriechshain Kreuzberg, 2021.
- Realization of the interactive work "Jeder kann ein Zeichen setzen", in Mittendrin, Berlin Neukölln, 2019.
- Interventions in Mannheim urban space , "Give and Take and the generous society", supported by Sparkasse Karlsruhe, Bürgerinitiative Mannheim and Kunsthalle Mannheim, 2016-2018.
- Aesthetic space design , "Air du Temp", Fougerette Castle, Etang sur Arroux, 2015.
- Public work: the old into the new the new into the old, Lessingsgymnasium Karlsruhe, 2009.


- Social art award, Institute for Art and Innovation Berlin 2017.
- Scholarship and public interventions, "Stadtbesetzung", Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, 2015.
- Artist in Residence, VCCA, Richmond, 2013.
- Artist in Residence, Paris Citè International des Artes, Land Baden Württemberg, 2011.
- Artist in Residence, Halfhouse, Barcelona, 2011.
- Artist in Residence in Suomenlinna, The City of Helsinki, (FI), 2009.
- Artist in Residence, in Expoo (FI), Merian Foundation Basel, 2008.
- Graduate Scholarship of the State of Baden Württemberg, 2007.


"Artist who do books", at In the Rack Room, Berlin, 2024.
Zauberstäbe, Salon des Artistes Haleensee, 2024.
Artists' book market, Karlshorst Berlin, 2023. "Sì lo voglio - autobiografia di un'educazione" Mondolibro, Berlin 2022; Casa delle Stelle, Roma 2022; MUG Museo Giannini Latina2023; Sax Art Gallery, Matera2023.
"Magic Wands," Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, 2021.
"Molti progetti e uno statement", Macro Museo Roma, 2019.
"Cerco dunque sono" Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, 2018.
"Give and Take and the generous society", Kunsthalle Mannheim 2017.
"Give and Take and the generous society", Port25 and Kunstverein, Mannheim, 2017.
"Basically", artists - symposium, Kunstraum L&, Freiburg 2016.
"Back From", Kunstverein Freiburg 2009.
"Next Time it'll be 3 mt high", Tapiola Studio (FI), 2008.

"Open Corridor", series of studio -exhibitions, since 2021. "All is fine now yes", group exhibition, in "Meet me at the Baobab Tree", Berlin, 2021.
"Was ist schön bitte schön", group exhibition in private space, 2019.
"Commerce by artist", editions exhibition at the Australian Boschaft, 2019.
"Dearest videos", video- group exhibition at Galerija Podroom, Belgrade 2017-2018.
"The studio", series of exhibitions, 2016-2017.
"Basically" group exhibition at "Kunsthaus L6", Freiburg, 2016.
"Quasi invisibile", group exhibition - series of spatial interventions in DB Freiburg, 2004.

EXHIBITIONS (selection from the last ten years).
"Augentiere auf der Ohrenweide", group exhibition, Steinhöfel, 2023.
"Caffè sospeso", group exhibition in Rome Art Week, Rome, 2022.
"Pericolose", group exhibition , Casa del Popolo, Roma, 2022.
"ArtME", interventions in public space, MeWo Kunsthalle and Memmingen, 2021.
"The nature of desires", group exhibition, Hufingen Art Museum, 2021.
"Return", video screening at Kino Central, Berlin 2019.
"Collection for the poor collector" publication and group exhibition in Sperling, Munich. and Material ZH Zurich, 2018.
"The secret life of things", group exhibition and publication, Museum Villa Rot, 2017.
"Objects in a room", group exhibition, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin, 2017. "Give and Take Art", installation of the wandering display for art for free, Port 25 - Kunstverein, Mannheim, 2017. "Crosswords III," group exhibition, Jordan Seydoux Gallery, Berlin, 2016. "Equivalences," solo exhibition, Rinomina, Paris, 2016.
"Right and Left," intervention in public space, Minden, 2015. "Bits and Pieces," group exhibition, Stella A., Berlin, 2015.
"Crosswords I", Jordan Seydoux - Lage Egal, group exhibition, Berlin, 2015. "Family Chronicles", residency, group exhibition and publication Textilmuseum, Bocholt, 2014.
"How much mother", duo exhibition, Kunst im Tauthaus, Berlin, 2014.
"Wearable art", group exhibition, GADEWE, Bremen, 2014.
"Glasklar milchig," group exhibition and publication, Forum Factory, Berlin, 2013.
"All connections will be reached," group exhibition, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, 2013.
"A lanciare mandarini, non so," solo exhibition, Kunst am Balkon, Münster, 2012.